Let’s become friends and Yoga

Let’s become friends and Yoga

Sometimes, strange and wonderful things happen in our lives. Last tuesday, it happened to me. As those who follow my whereabouts on this website or on Twitter may know, I’m very much focused on losing weight and getting fit. Quite succesfully, I might add....
How your habits define your behaviour

How your habits define your behaviour

How your mind works is easily recognized once you know it. Knowing that is the key to being able to change your behaviour. At that point, just about anything is possible. You can gradually mould yourself into another person, with another life. How does it work then?...

Yoga for beginners practical guide

Thanks to Twitter and more precisely Daljit Kaur (twittername @daljit12) I found a great website with a practical guide on yoga for beginners. Daljit is a yoga enthousiast and invites everyone to share the information on her site in order to get to learn about yoga...
Keep on Dreaming Inspiratie Persoonlijke groei en Geluk

Keepondreaming zoekt vrijmoedig naar de essentie van het leven.
Zonder dromen is er niets!

Samen op zoek naar onze diepere beweegredenen en naar wat ons in het leven drijft.

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